2018年的小目标 —— 赋能、突破。😄.


This article is mainly talk about Email Class of CoderIgniter ,these days study CI during happiness and peniful. 😄.

macOS PHP best practice (two)

This article is mine recent days work summary. 😄.

macOS PHP best practice (one)

This article show us how to use mac own local web sever apache to build our own static website. ​😄​.

Getting sssssstarted with the Academic framework for Hugo

Create a beautifully simple personal or academic website in under 10 minutes.

Customizing the homepage with widgets

Enable/disable and configure widgets to customize your homepage.

Managing content

This is a brief guide to managing content with the Academic framework. Content can include publications, projects, talks, and news/blog articles. After you have read this guide about creating and managing content, you may also be interested to learn about writing content with Markdown, LaTeX, and Shortcodes.

Writing content with Markdown, LaTeX, and Shortcodes

Content can be written using Markdown, LaTeX math, and Hugo Shortcodes. Additionally, HTML may be used for advanced formatting. This article gives an overview of the most common formatting options.

Migrate from Jekyll to Hugo

Learn how to migrate an existing website from Jekyll to Hugo.